19 Jul 2017 Deep sleep mode for CPU works for now
                Fixed video recording/playback issues
    30 Jun 2017 Backport Bluetooth drivers from kernel 3.10.19 for Bluez 5 (with support for Bluetooth Low Energy devices)
                Ready for OTA-updates using Mer OBS
    10 Mar 2017 Update Issues chapter for known problems with current image
    03 Mar 2017 Initial support for OTA updates (WIP)
    09 Feb 2017 Show charge progress instead of MI logo in charge only mode
    08 Feb 2017 Fix remembering bluetooth state during reboot
                DualSIM: enable second modem in ofono configuration
    05 Feb 2017 Update current SFOS image for armani to version (not public yet);
                (WIP) Increase battery life, now CPU successfully goes to C2 sleep state;
                Add packages: jolla-settings-networking-multisim for multisim support,
                geoclue-provider-mlsdb for faster GPS, jolla-settings-system-flashlight for flashlight's shortcut,
                jolla-mediaplayer-radio for FM radio support in Mediaplayer application.
Aug 19 2016 USSD answers are visible now
            Update Sailfish OS to version (early access, not release)
Aug 16 2016 Move to CyanogenMod 12.1 YOG7D ROM in order to get unified Droid HAL base for both armani and ham Sailfish OS ports
Jun 06 2016 Alpha3 is out
            Fix bluetooth initialization script to get right MAC-address. Make BT MAC visible on "About device" page
Jun 03 2016 Update package: gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad (patched) - fixed wrong image orientation after taking a picture
Jun 01 2016 Add FM radio support
Apr 26 2016 Currently engaged in device suspend/resume debugging, refer to [pm-debug]
            Turn accelerometer sensor on - and face that sensors.qcom problem remains
Apr 16 2016 Fix wi-fi related bug - wlan0 now gets right MAC-address from device, not hardcoded one
Mar 21 2016 Disable accelerometer as the main reason of sensors.qcom process eating battery
Mar 20 2016 Revert doubletap2wake patch since it doesn't work even with input-policy being disabled (mce);
            Update packages: mce, lipstick-qt5 - fix touchscreen freezing issue, finally;
            Replace geoclue-provider-hybris-community with geoclue-provider-hybris package;
            Adjust haptic feedback timing for dialer's keypad
Mar 19 2016 Fix resolutions for front/rear camera
Mar 16 2016 Update packages: ofono, statefs-providers - get rid of "New SIM inserted" window appearing after every boot
Mar 15 2016 Update package: ohm-plugins-misc - now there is no need in ohmd.service dirty hack when detecting headphones
Mar 11 2016 Bluetooth headset works (voice/buttons)
Feb 22 2016 Updated config for camera app, flash led works; update issues
Feb 19 2016 Long vibration works (during incoming calls/messages, alarms, etc.)
Feb 15 2016 Update issues; add screenshots (thanks techgreed \o/)

Feb 14 2016 Alpha2 is released
Feb 07 2016 Wi-Fi tethering works (hotspot); add link to baseband firmware; update installation steps; add FAQ chapter
Feb 06 2016 Add support for MTP (Settings -> USB -> Mode -> Connect to PC); initial fm-radio support (not working yet)
Feb 01 2016 Doubletap2wake is working now; found proximity/mce(?) problem which causes touchscreen to freeze
Jan 31 2016 Microphone works now in video/audio recording apps (thanks jusa_ \o/); mount external sd-card at startup
Jan 28 2016 Update issues
Jan 26 2016 Headset's button works (accept/hangup call, thanks sledges \o/)

Jan 25 2016 Roll out alpha1 image
Jan 25 2016 Fix video recording/playback (thanks mal- \o/); speed up boot process by changing fixupmountpoints for systemd

Jan 24 2016 alpha0 is out
Jan 21 2016 Headset is partially working (headphones and mic work, can't accept/decline call with headsets button)
Jan 19 2016 Vibro on incoming call is working actually o_0. It vibrates in very beginning of call
Jan 17 2016 Update info: Bluetooth -> Send files; fixed headphones issue
Jan 16 2016 Add headphones & USB Host (OTG) support; update issues
Jan 14 2016 Page created, fill some info
Jan 02 2016 Porting start point