Sailfish OS port for Xiaomi Redmi 1S WCDMA


02 May 2018
  • alpha4 is out

Full changelog

Version: (Lapuanjoki)
Compatible baseband version: MPSS.TR.2.0-397339f

ROM images

  1. TWRP >=
    md5sum: 155409049a2ae1b3a8a6da042933d59b
  2. CyanogenMod 12.1 YOG7D
    md5sum: d4810c6e6288f84a0dca583dd1377b08
  3. Sailfish OS alpha4 | mirror 1
    md5sum: 8ba82519b516d63bd38abfe7ea91a73d
  4. MIUI baseband firmware
    md5sum: 8a0a038e5b80706d8a9333616b291cfe

Please read Issues chapter before flashing.


To all Sailfish OS porters on #sailfishos-porters channel at, and especially:
and others who give me advices.
This port wouldn't exist without their help and assistance.

Thanks to people from armani-dev team for kernel/CyanogenMod


See libhybris-adaptation


  1. Wrong battery percentage status (since
  2. Wrong Bluetooth MAC address (since
  3. Very low voice volume when recording calls (since
  4. Can't connect to Wi-Fi AP which has WPA EAP Authentication option enabled
    update: see How-To WPA-802.1X (enterprise)

Installation steps

  1. Backup your information
  2. Backup your information
  3. Backup your information
  4. Install TWRP for armani and boot into recovery mode
  5. Flash CyanogenMod 12.1 YOG7D
  6. Flash Sailfish OS image right after CM-12.1. It can take long time to install, don't worry.
  7. Reboot to system. In case you're getting boot loop - grab MIUI baseband firmware from links above and flash it in TWRP, no wipes/ROM reinstalls needed, just flash and reboot.
  8. Skip creation of Jolla Account after startup


Q: Root rights?
A: Yes, in case of USB connection: telnet 2323, you will get root access right after logging in.
In case of using fingerterm & SSH: type in terminal: devel-su. You can get your password from Settings > Developer mode page

Q: How can I get logs?
A: Most used options are

/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat -d qdhwcomposer:S QCALOG:S WLAN_PSA:S
journalctl -b -e

Q: Can I install applications from official Jolla Store?
A: Not by now, but you can install apps from via Storeman app

Q: How about running Android applications?
A: Not available for Redmi 1S.