Sailfish OS port for ZUK Z1


30 Apr 2018
  • Sailfish OS alpha2 is now available for download along with OTA update for alpha1 users. Please follow the instructions in the OTA chapter below for upgrading from version.
18 Jul 2017
  • alpha1 is available for download

Version: (Lapuanjoki)
Compatible baseband version: 0.1.c1.10-00004-M8974AAAAANAZM-1

ROM images

  1. TWRP >= 3.0.2
    md5sum: 1e38a8f001736187606dcc5ec4df5ef8
  2. CyanogenMod 12.1 YOG7D | mirror 1
    md5sum: 4cf5083efaf70e4964bee40184b8f49a
  3. Sailfish OS alpha2 | mirror 1
    md5sum: 5a1a29e29fec4b5095e5abcaccf5a464

  4. Flash it only if you have problems with sensors (accelerometer/rotation)
    No wipes/reinstalls needed, could be flashed at any step via TWRP
    [MM] ZUK Z1 firmware
    md5sum: 2dc3f2e9abff7fd5e9c5f436c4bb1083


To all Sailfish OS porters on #sailfishos-porters channel at, especially:
and others who give me advices. This port wouldn't exist without their help and assistance.


See libhybris-adaptation-ham


  • Bluetooth headsets don't work
  • No support for fingerprint scanner
  • Doubletap2wake feature is not included in current image (unstable)

Installation steps

  1. Backup your information
  2. Backup your information
  3. Backup your information
  4. Install TWRP for ham and boot into recovery mode
  5. Flash CyanogenMod 12.1 YOG7D image
  6. Flash Sailfish OS image right after CM 12.1. It can take some time to install, don't worry.
  7. Reboot to system
  8. Flash [MM] ZUK Z1 firmware if sensors don't work on your device - you can check it by launching Terminal application and rotating phone - if orientation doesn't change it's most likely because of different firmware version.

OTA updates

Notes for updating from version to version

  1. Latest Sailfish OS release is not compatible with Warehouse application due to PackageKit API update. Please install latest Storeman application before starting OTA update otherwise Storeman app will be deleted automatically.
  2. Turn off all OpenRepos repositories in Storeman application. If you don't have Storeman installed, check used OpenRepos repositories via following command in the Terminal app:
    # List OpenRepos repositories
    ssu lr | grep openrepos
    # Disable given repository
    ssu dr [repo-name]
  3. Open Terminal app and type:
    ssu release
    zypper clean -a
    zypper ref -f
    version --dup

    It will take some time to download and install all needed packages. At the end system reboot is needed. During boot process after manual reboot system will write new kernel to the boot partition and then reboot itself - it will look like phone is in a boot loop but it's not. After second reboot system should start normally.


Q: Root rights?
A: Yes, in case of fingerterm & SSH: type in terminal: devel-su. You can get your password from Settings > Developer mode page.

Q: How can I get logs?
A: Most used options are

/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat -d qdhwcomposer:S QCALOG:S WLAN_PSA:S
journalctl -b -e

Q: Can I install applications from official Jolla Store?
A: Yes, you can install applications from Jolla Store after creating Jolla account.

Q: How about running Android applications?
A: Not available for ZUK Z1.